Growing cities represent a diversity of challenges and are in need for smart solutions. Apart from innovations, different ways of organizing, infrastructural and technical solutions there is also a need for new local democracy. Municipalities are searching for and experimenting with new ways of developing policy and experimenting with co-creating, citizens budget or participative designing of the urban future. We support and facilitate these processes on a tactical and strategic level.


Healthcare systems in most western countries that have been developed in the past have evolved into dissatisfying and unaffordable constructs. Once market mechanisms were introduced as hopeful panacea perverse incitements have become increasingly present. In combination with an unprecedented ageing of population, difficulties in finding sufficient health care professionals, and wildly expensive pharmaceutics we are in need for radical solutions.


The search for alternative energy sources on a local scale is eminent. The influence of government is restricted to information and facilitatingon legal, financial and policy level. But the clock is ticking and our planet is in a hurry.


Western education is based on reproducing knowledge, critical thinking, analysis and research. Scholars and students are expected to colour inside the lines, there's little room for doing things differently or act outside the system rules. At the same time innovation cannot exist without creativity. This is not about adding extra 'lessons' on creativity, it's about a radical transformation from education as as reproducing and control based system with difficult connections to the outer world towards a learning environment based on trust, individual learning and expression styles, creative thinking and fully embedded in society as a whole.


Picture by Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=21175158