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TSIF starts with conducting an inventory of the WS&RS (Work Smart & Travel Smart) program: challenges in a mobility program at a behavioural level.

During the first years of the program there was a strong emphasis on 5 % fewer cars in rush hours and improving the accessibility of Leeuwarden. To realize this people were encouraged to use (electric) bicycles,  public transport options, digital technology. Also smart work possibilities were facilitated.

WS&RS represents the mobility component in Leeuwarden. In May 2010, government and industry concluded on an ambitious mobility agreement. The set goal was challenging a 5% diminishing of cars during rush hours, by working and travelling smarter. Less travelling or choosing different times aim at reducing the number of kilometres and an improved accessibility of the city of Leeuwarden .

Within the national program 'Improved Utilization' (Beter Benutten), regions and industries work together to improve accessibility. The objective is to reduce congestion at the busiest points in 2014 with 20 percent within a range of about 300 practical, measurable actions. Besides 2014 being administered as the year of measurable effects, it also brought forward the decision to continue the program. Together, the ministry and regions decided to invest an additional 600 million Euro until the end of 2017. This way allowing the parties involved to reach for an extra 10 percent improvement. Client: WS&RS. Contact: Tony van Acquoy

Video about the Dutch national program 'Beter Benutten'