The urban planner is no longer the single city ‘maker’. Different designers, academics, policy makers and citizens give shape to the city. The project 'Participatory City Making' connects current top-down plans with bottom-up initiatives, it will facilitate the development of a joint urban vision, and give the new ‘city makers’ the possibilities to contribute to the realisation of visionary urban concepts. The project is in collaboration with the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Hogeschool Rotterdam. TSI is involved as a member of the user committee.

Ingrid Mulder leads the project, together with her, Jotte de Koning - with a background in Strategic Design and Design for Sustainability & Emma Puerari - with a background in Architecture and Urban Planning. They will be working as Post-Docs on the project for the coming two years.

The Participatory City Making project started in October 2016 and will run until September 2018. This project has received funding from NWO under the Research Through Design Programme.